PigKnows, LLC

PigKnows, LLC is more than a software provider. PigKnows, LLC is a leading swine production data management services company delivering data center solutions to its clients.

With PigKnows farm owners and managers can maximize return on their data management investments. Let PigKnows, LLC help your company address specific data management issues (designing reports, customizing data distribution and data collection). Our experienced staff is ready to serve your data management needs.

The PigKnows portfolio is built around innovative offerings, with the simplicity of point and click navigation and the ease of on-line database accessibility. Every report, chart, graph and sow card can be customized to your specifications. Multi-farm comparisons, control charts, report repository, benchmarking and PDF/Html/Excel output are some of the features currently available.


PigKnows Staff Expertise

PigKnows is a dynamic swine production software, yet very stable. It has been successfully used in our PigKnows bureau for the past nine years. Any initial software bugs, so familiar in new programs, have long ago been worked out.

Excellence in swine production software can only be achieved when written by programmers familiar with swine production. PigKnows is fortunate to have the best, a highly skilled computer programmer with a PhD in swine genetics, Dr. Tianlin Wang.

To achieve excellence in production software design you must have a way to continually test your product before it is offered to the public. 330+ hog farms make up our CSD PigKnows Bureau. No other software company has that kind of testing advantage for their product. PigKnows continually seeks to not only improve its reporting capabilities but it is vital that we continually improve data collection and data entry efficiencies.